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About us

Great Customer Service, Amazing offers.

Welcome To Kei Cars Ltd 

Kei Cars Ltd, is a Kenyan motor vehicle dealership based on the quiet and serene plains of Marula Lane, in Karen, Nairobi County.

We are sellers and importers of quality vehicles from Japan, Europe and UAE. Our staff have extensive experience in the field of sales and import.

We are cognizant of the ever rising Fuel Prices in Kenya, add that to higher maintenance costs of modern cars, and the cost of owning a car becomes too high if you’re the average car owner in Kenya. For buyers who are cautious about running costs, we have dedicated staff who will take you through importation and local purchase of Kei-class cars. Kei car, which is the motivation behind our company operation, is the Japanese legal category for the smallest, highway-legal motor vehicles, including passenger cars  microvans, and kei pickup trucks . Kei cars are very successful in Japan and made up over 33% of all new cars in 2016.  Additionally, we source the best quality electric and hybrid cars which, apart from being pocket friendly, are also very friendly to the environment.

Additional Services

We offer container fabrication into offices, homes, stalls, hostels and ablution blocks.

We have on location, a fully equipped garage for repairs and pre-sale vehicle inspection as well as a car wash center for wash and detailing. Our units are pre-serviced and mechanically checked, and the upholstery, engine and body, expertly cleaned.

We offer vehicle storage services to Banks, Institutions and Insurance companies.


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